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Why Contractors like the B-500 Beveller...


The B-500 Beveller from Ridgid can bevel 10" diameter schedule 40 pipe in 45 seconds!

Ridgid B-500

Set-up and bevel 12" diameter schedule 40 pipe in one pass in under 2 minutes using the new B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller.


  • Set-up And Bevel 12" Diameter Schedule 40 Pipe In Under 2 Minutes!
  • Pipe Is Cool To Touch Immediately Following Bevelling


  • Accurate Bevel Angle Around Diameter Of The Pipe Allows For Optimal Number Of Cover Passes
  • Adjustable Land Width From 0" to 3/16" To Fit Welders’ Requirements
  • Produces A Machined Finish Due To 6 Replaceable Cutter Inserts Working Simultaneously


  • Fast To Set-up And Operate
  • Patent-Pending Clamp System Firmly Secures Tool To The Pipe
  • Speed Monitoring With LED Indicators For Optimal Cutter Performance
  • Spark Free Operation