ApolloPress Copper and PowerPress Carbon Steel press fitting technology!

APOLLOPRESS® fittings are a proven heat-free method for joining copper tube and provide a clean, easy joining technique that saves time and money on installations.

The APOLLOPRESS® line of fittings and valves feature pre-lubricated seals and Leak Before Press® technology to ensure quick and confident connections. APOLLOPRESS® valves are available in both standard and Lead Free configurations, while all APOLLOPRESS® fittings are Lead Free.

Made in America in our American plants and foundries, our broad range of Press Technology products brings you the quality you have come to know and expect, all from one source.

APOLLOPRESS® is your single source solution for Press Technology.

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 Small & Large Diameter Fittings     Ball Valves     Water Pressure Reducing Valves     Backflow Prevention    Gate, Globe, Check Valves & Strainers

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APOLLO POWERPRESS® is a press and fitting system designed for thick wall steel pipe as defined by ASTM A53, A106, A135, A795 (schedule 10 to 40) standards. The APOLLO POWERPRESS® system significantly reduces installation times and helps maintain a clean work environment.POWERPRESS

APOLLO POWERPRESS® products are manufactured using advanced fully automated modern machinery. This ensures a consistent, safe, high quality product. 100% of welded components undergo a leak test ensuring issue free installations in the field. In addition,all straight connectors with threaded ends are made from a single piece, thus eliminating potential leaks.

Fitting quality is validated per national and international standards. Quality certifications can be provided for gas and sprinkler

• Simple, fast connections
• Size ranges from 1/2” to 2”
• Compact fittings for recessed work
• Visual Press Indicator
• Clear identification of materials of construction
• Leak Before Press feature (ensures visible leakage of non-pressed fittings)
• Suitable for heating, cooling, sprinkler and gas installations
• Full line of integrated valves (eliminates need for adaptors)

The APOLLO POWERPRESS system offers a complete solution with a wide range of flexibility. The system can be utilized on standard steel pipe and can be used with different brands of press tools.