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PV Fasteners


Whether you are supplying product for industrial pipelines, municipal water systems, or any diverse piping application, PV provides expertise in fasteners supplied to the piping industry. With so many rugged industrial and utility applications, we understand your need for the most durable, high-quality products.

With an extensive range of inventory we make it easy to find the right fastener for your specific application. If the product is not a stock item, we can easily order it for you. And to help your business achieve efficiencies in the supply process, PV provides standard as well as custom kitting and packaging services. We are especially well-equipped to kit large, complex jobs.

Our fasteners are available in all standard and metric sizes, and in a range of quality material grades and finishes, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nylon, and specialty materials. Domestic and imported fasteners are available.

Just some of the products we carry to supply our wholesale piping customers include:

Flange Gasket Packs:

  • 150lb, 300lb in stock
  • up to 12 inch stock

Gasket Bolt Packs:

  • 150lb, 300lb in stock
  • Plastic available

Stainless Bolts, Nuts, and Washers


  • Spiral
  • Red rubber
  • Compressed Non-asbestos

All-thread Rod:

  • 6ft, 10ft, 12ft available

Expansion Anchors:

Butterfly Bolt Packs:

For any inquiries into our fasteners please call 1-800-467-7122 or Contact Us.