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VMI Barcode - graphic for Managed Inventory Bin Stock

Bin Stock VMI Vendor Managed Inventory From Pipe Valves

Pipe Valves has removed the hassle of bin stock replenishment. By incorporating bar code scanning technology and our e-commerce web access, re-ordering bin stock is easier than ever.

We can accommodate your catalog identification numbers, min/max re-order quantities, and state-of-the-art bar code technology so that stock-outs are a thing of the past with Pipe Valves vendor managed inventory (VMI).

By providing the labels and the specific hardware to perform bin stock tasks we will:

  • Reduce the cost of purchasing administration

  • Allow for more profitable use of storeroom personnel

  • Reduce or eliminate stock-out situations

  • Increase inventory turnover

  • Eliminate inactive product

  • Reduce transactional costs

  • Reduce or eliminate data processing errors

  • Improves demand vs. lead-time visibility

Even the receiving of materials in your store-room is accomplished with a bag label which denotes your storeroom bin location to aide in the put-away process.

Find out how the PV Bin Stock Program can improve efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership. Call Pipe Valves, your Most Valuable Partner, today: (800) 467-7122

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