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Pipe Valves Provides Money Saving Pipe Shop Machining, Valve Repair & Modification, Kits, Actuation & Assemblies


Our pipe shop will improve your bottom-line performance by allowing us to deliver pipe ready for use at your job site or fabrication shop. We cut, bevel, groove, and thread so that the product arrives ready for use. We save you time, storage, and waste to help you improve performance helping our customers to be more competitive and to win more work.


Pipe Valves has the facilities and expertise to perform actuation and assembly services where we precisely assemble actuated valves from ½” to 36” in diameter. Electric or pneumatic, common or severe service, we work with a wide range of products so we may give you the best solution.


Pipe Valves specializes in custom kits and packaging for Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as Mechanical Contractors. Our PV kits will save you time and money with faster installations for repetitive assemblies and job site time limitations.

PV kits will allow you to:

  • Reduce on-hand inventory

  • Reduce waste from loss

  • Increase your available storage space

  • Promote administrative cost reductions

  • More profitable use of personnel

  • Direct shipment of sorted and job-specific assembly materials

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