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PV University Training Opportunities

This is an 8-hour class held at Pipe Valves steam lab and training room in Columbus, Ohio.  This training covers the fundamentals of efficient steam distribution and steam utilization.   


There is a fee for this class of $299 per attendee, and it is well attended.  The class sizes are around 12-16 attendees allowing a company to book an entire class for their associates if they prefer.   Class dates are posted regularly, but please contact us if special consideration is needed. 


This training allows steam users to manage their steam systems more efficiently, which results in increased production and significant energy savings. The class consists of a classroom portion focused on concepts followed by live steam demonstrations in our fully functioning steam lab. 

We can also arrange for PV sales reps or vendor sales reps to provide training on most of the products we provide.   


These can be done at your facility, in a conference room or break room, or we have space at our Columbus and Canton locations.  Most topics can be covered in an hour or two over a cup of coffee and a donut or as a lunch & learn. 

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