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VMI Barcode Vendor Managed Pipe Valve Fittings Inventory

Managed Inventory

Inventory Management Programs

Pipe Valves has solutions for both Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Customer Managed Inventory (CMI).


Both are supported by our wireless technology and our e-commerce platform providing confidence that the proper parts remain stocked at all times.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

If you are looking for hands-off cost savings, VMI allows for Pipe Valves personnel to take inventory on a periodic basis and prepare re-orders based on pre-established min/max levels. A re-order is created, customer authorization is provided, and the results are transmitted wirelessly via scanned barcode bins through our e-commerce platform.

Key Benefits of VMI:

  • Best used when volumes are somewhat predictable and large project swings are ordered separately

  • Easy to use because of the hands-off nature by customer personnel

  • Stay well-stocked without being overstocked

  • Paperless and wireless

  • Barcode labels and scanning hardware provided by Pipe Valves

  • Minimal chance for human error

  • Frequent monitoring and improved inventory management

Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)

Pipe Vales warehouse Columbus

CMI is a more hands-on than VMI. The customer controls the frequency of inventory; but with the Pipe Valves tools of a handheld wireless scanner and the ease of order placement using our e-commerce platform, will save money and allow you to operate at peak efficiency.

The customer is in complete control while utilizing our tools to operate with stream-lined efficiency and minimized human error.

Key Benefits of CMI:

  • Best used when volumes are erratic due to large projects drawing from stock

  • Easy to use with tools provided by Pipe Valves

  • Minimal change for human error

  • Real-time contact between customer and Pipe Valves

  • Barcode labels and scanning hardware provided by Pipe Valves

  • As-needed stock level evaluation

  • Paperless and wireless

  • Great for companies of all sizes

Pipe Valves: Your Most Valuable Partner - MVP

Large enough to have everything you need, small enough to care. Pipe Valves has the innovative technology to provide state-of-the art solutions. But most importantly, without a doubt, are the people you will meet at Pipe Valves. It is the people-experience that makes the difference.

Whatever solution works best for you, our people make Pipe Valves your Most Valuable Partner.

For any inquiries into Pipe Valves' managed inventory system please call 1-800-467-7122 or Contact Us.

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